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Non-Profit Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability Coverage
17% Commission on Qualified Accounts

Announcing "The Next Step" in Comprehensive Non-Profit Directors & Officers and
Employment Practices Liability Coverage with our NEW POLICY FORM.
Security of an Admitted A.M. Best rated A++ carrier

  • Separate limit of liability for D&O and EPL Claims.
  • Defense Costs Outside the Limit of Liability.
  • Full Prior Acts Provision.
  • Unlimited Extended Reporting Period for Former D&O's
  • Optional Fiduciary Liability Coverage.
  • Non-Cancelable except for Non-Payment of premium.
  • Named peril Coverage for Employment Claims arising out of the use of the Internet and E-Mail.
  • No Punitive Damages Exclusion
  • Coverage for Third Party Sexual Harassment and Third Party Discrimination.
  • No Intentional Acts Exclusion on EPL Claims.
  • Expanded definition of Sexual Harassment to include other Workplace Harassment.
Employment Practices Liability Application Click Here
Non-Profit Professional Liability Application Click Here      

For more information contact us at 800.234.6977 Ext. 244
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This is a marketing notice only. Nothing contained hereon alters, modifies or changes the actual policy language as may be issued by an insurance carrier.