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It's Push Cart and Kiosk Season

And A&M is here with your Quick Quote

It is fast and easy to get your competitive A&M quote for your Push Carts and Kiosks. Just click on EZ Quote or call 800-234-8977 Ext. 220 for a friendly and knowledgeable underwriter for an immediate answer.

If they sell - A&M is your market.

Artwork Flowers
Beverages Hot Dog Carts / Tamales / Popcorn and other food
Books / CDs Ice Cream / Popsicle / Paleta Vendors (Paleteros)
Candles Jewelry
Clothing Souvenirs
  Plus most mercantile sales, large and small

Place your Push Cart and Kiosk business at Andeson & Murison will be a breeze.

A&M also has excellent markets for Flea and Farmers Markets and their vendors. For a quote, click on EZ-Quote or call 800-234-6977 Ext. 220 will get you a fast quote.

Program Highlights

• Limits to $3,000,000 / $3,000,000
• Low Minimum Premiums
• Stock, Equipment and Breakdown Coverage Available

Any Any questions, call your favorite Commercial Underwriter at 800-234-6977 Ext. 220 or email to 

"We Like to Say Yes!"

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