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Placements with Non-admitted InsurersSub-title of Page
There are standard procedures required by the California Insurance code when using a non admitted insurer for your placements. By following these procedures we can get your policies issued faster and make sure the placement is in compliance with the Insurance Code. The following forms must be completed and signed when you order coverage with a non-admitted insurer:
1) The "Disclosure Statement" (D-1 Form) - This explains to your insured that the coverage is being placed with a non-admitted insurer. This form must be signed by your insured prior to placement of coverage.
2) The "Diligent Search Report" (SL-2 Form) - This form is required by the California Insurance Code Section 1763 and must be signed by you or a licensed California Agent / Broker in your firm. The SL-2 form gives information about the coverage being placed and also details your efforts to place the risk with an admitted (licensed) California insurer.
These forms can be downloaded as indicated below. If they are incomplete or incorrect when you order coverage:
1) No binder will be issued.
2) A notice will be sent to you asking you to submit completed and signed forms within 5 days.
3) If acceptable forms are received within 5 days, we will issue the policy.
4) If we do not receive the forms within 5 days, a cancellation notice will be sent for non-compliance with the Insurance Code requirements and an earned premium charged.
For your convenience, you can download the following forms to assist you in completing the D-1 and SL-2 forms.
  D-1 Form
  SL-2 Form and instructions