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Welcome to Commerical EZ-App from A&M.

For fast service on your commercial accounts complete the form below and hit the "Step Two" button. Your submission will be electronically delivered to the next available Commercial Lines Underwriter.
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Description of Risk:
Prior Losses?
   If yes, include 5 years hard copy loss runs with submission.
Has applicant had any policies or coverage’s cancelled or non-renewed in the past three years?
Has applicant had prior Bankruptcy in the past 7 years?
Have any crimes occurred or been attempted on the premises within the last 3 years?
Expiring Carrier:
 Willing to Renew?:
Renewal Quote:
 If no, why?:
Target Premium:
General Liability Property
Limits Requested:
Number of Employees?:
Square Footage:
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Years in Business:
Does the applicant lease Employees to or from other Employers?
Loss of Income:
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Year Built:
 Is Building 100% on Circuit Breakers?:
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What is the quality of the housekeeping?
Does the applicant have emergency lighting?
Is the Applicant:
  • (a) An owner of any other properties or business operations under this legal entity?
  • (b) Related to another entity through common ownership?
  • C) Subsidiary of another entity?

If yes to any of the above please explain.

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